Our Approach

When dealing with building or demolition, you need a reliable and experienced group that will not complicate matters. To get your project done with correctly and in a fiscal mind without any surprises takes experience and know how. We take great pride in getting things done on time and with your budget in mind.

Our Story

USA Construction Incorporated is an eight year old company that has always proven full value on ROI (Return On Investment). There is nothing more important than the structure you live in or work in. If the roof over your head is not at it’s best condition, then business or home life can’t continue with a routine and relaxed path. Our company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has a proven track record of meeting owner’s needs.

Meet the Team

We have team of professionals capable to get any job done within a timely fashion and with a mind for quality.


Marcus Morton

Founder & CEO



Katie Morton

Administrative Assistant

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